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French Grey Small Jug - HI0007
French Grey Large Jug - HI0008
French Grey Organic Large Plate - HI0009
French Grey Organic Medium Plate - HI0010
French Grey Organic Small Plate - HI0011
French Grey Organic Large Bowl - HI0012
French Grey Organic Medium Bowl - HI0013
French Grey Organic Small Bowl - HI0014
French Grey Large Metal Ring Urn - HI0015
French Grey Metal Ring Urn - HI0016
French Grey Tall Metal Ring Pot - HI0017
French Grey Embossed Large Bowl - HI0018
French Grey Embossed Medium Bowl - HI0019
French Mustard  Small Jug - HI0020
French Mustard Organic Medium Plate - HI0023
French Mustard Organic Small Plate - HI0024
French Mustard Organic Small Bowl - HI0027
French Mustard Metal Ring Urn - HI0029
French Mustard Tall Metal Ring Pot - HI0030
French Grey Embossed Small Bowl - HI0031
Large White Dragonfly Oval Cer - JC0083
Set 4 White Dragonfly Lunch Plate Ceramic 26cmD - JC0091
Large White Pitcher Primitif 25cmH - JC0152
Set 4 White Side Plate Primitif 24cmDia - JC0157
Set 4 White Dinner Plate Primitif 30cmDia - JC0158
Dotty Jug 18cmHx19cmLx11cmDeep - JC0257
Set 4 Emperor Wine Goblet 26.5cmH - JI0003
Set 4 Emperor Champagne Glass 31cmH - JI0004
Set 4 Vintage Pink Tumblers 9.5cmDiax11cmH - JI0060
Set 4 Vintage Pink Goblets 22cmHx8.5cmDia - JI0061
Set 4 Vintage Green Tumblers 9.5cmDiax11cmH - JI0062
Set 4 Vintage Green Goblets 22cmHx8.5cmDia - JI0063
Set/4 Clear Champagne Glass 25 - SS01
Set/4 Tall Clear Wine Glass 21 - SS03
Glass & Pewter Water Decanter 21cmH - ACR-105
Oval Flower Bowl w/Handles Medium  18cmHx40cmLx21c - AFB-104M
Pewter Gravy Boat 11cmHx23cmLx9.5cmW - AGB-104
Pewter & Glass Decanter Jug 29cmH - AGD-101-0
Square Glass Decanter w/Pewter Stopper 29cmH - AGD-102
Pedro Elegant Decanter 11cmDiax24cmH (35oz) - AGD-129R
Pedro Elegant Caraf with Stopper 13cmDiax37.5cmH - AGD-145
Glass and Pewter Large Jug 29cmH - AGJ-101
Medium Pewter and Glass Jug 22cmH - AGJ-104
Pewter Ladle Small 14cmL - AGS-102
Pewter Ice Scoop 17cmL - AIBS-101
Pewter Jug with Flat Handle Large 27cmH - AJ-115L
Pewter Jug with Flat Handle Small 19cmH - AJ-115S
Pewter & Glass Sugar Bowl w/Spoon 8cmH x 8.5cmDia - AJJ-1025
Pewter Creamer 7cmHx12cmW - AMJ-105
Pewter Creamer 7cmHx12cmW - AMJ-105
Set 4 Round Pewter Napkin Ring 3cmHx4.5cmDia - AN-110S4

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