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Alexia Iron Lamp - CF0103
Alexia Iron Lamp Copper Finish - CF0139
Rectangle Tall Lamp Base Antique Silver - HE0012
Linen Lampshade Drum - BF0122
Linen Lampshade Coulis L - BF0123
Linen Lampshade Oval L - BF0124
Linen Lampshade Oval S - BF0125
Linen Lampshade Coulis S - BF0126
Linen Lampshade Coulis M - BF0127
Coulis S Navy Linen Lampshade - BF0227
Coulis M Navy Linen Lampshade - BF0228
Adeline Chandelier - CD0013
Audra Chandelier - CD0014
Eloise Chandelier - CD0015
Loretta Chandelier - CD0016
Olivia Chandelier - CD0017
Lucille Chandelier - CD0018
Frances Chandelier - CD0019
Moroccan Cut Out Light - CF0214
Oval Small Lamp Base Antique Silver - HE0008
Square Small Lamp Base Antique Silver - HE0009
Oval Ring Small Lamp Base Antique Silver - HE0010
Round Small Lamp Base Antique Silver - HE0011
Square Tall Lamp Base Antique Silver - HE0013
Column Lampbase - HE0015
Large Fluted Base Lampbase - HE0016
Large Palm Tree  Lampbase - HE0017
Small Palm Tree  Lampbase - HE0018
Finial Antique Silver Lamp base - HE0019
Tall Slim Ebony Lampbase - HE0020
Elias Antique Brown Lamp base - HE0021
Gabriel Antique Brown Lamp base - HE0022
Ball Design Antique Silver Lampbase - HE0023
Urn Design Rough Silver Lampbase - HE0024
The Classic  Antique Silver Lampbase - HE0025
Paris 2 toned Square  Lampbase - HE0026
Annecy 2 tone Rect Lampbase - HE0027
Bayonne 2 tone Oval Lampbase - HE0028
Rennes Silver Antique Lampbase - HE0029
Limoges Ribbed Silver Antique Lampbase - HE0030
Grande  Urn Brass Lampbase - HE0031
Barley Twist Antique Silver Lampbase - HE0032
Black Linen Empire Lampshade - LA0002
Black Linen Drum Lampshade - LA0003
Black Linen Empire Lampshade - LA0004
Natural Linen Drum Lampshade - LA0005
Natural Linen Empire Lampshade - LA0006
Natural Linen Empire Lampshade - LA0007
Natural Linen Drum Lampshade - LA0008
Black Linen Deep Empire Square Lampshade - LA0010

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